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NQOODLET and SimpliFi Join forces to transform SME spend management across MENA

The Riyadh-based and “Visa Direct Award 2022” winner NQOODLET joins forces with Dubai-based SimpliFi to bring to market a modern and innovative expense management solution for SMEs in the region.

The partnership aims at providing a seamless card issuance experience for NQOODLET users which makes spending and tracking of company expenses a fully automated process. NQOODLET will enable highly configurable virtual and physical prepaid cards using SimpliFi’s modern card issuing APIs which powers card programs in ways that meet a wide range of business needs.

Simplify X Nqoodlet

The idea to launch NQOODLET originated from a market need since obtaining corporate cards by SMEs is difficult with long lead times, in addition to the complexity of controlling and monitoring the spending limit on corporate cards, potentially resulting in financial and legal issues as well as a struggle with budgeting, expense claims, and expense reports.

The Founder & CEO of NQOODLET, Mohammed Milyani, regards the partnership as “an example of how FinTech is maturing into a diversity of solutions supporting the needs of both consumers and businesses”. He adds, “the market is in dire need of leading edge digital products that target gaps in our current FinTech offer. We’re jointly targeting a gap where automation designed for SMEs has not yet gotten enough attention.”

Ali Sattar, Founder & CEO at SimpliFi, echoes the same sentiment. “The partnership brings together two innovative and enterprising technology companies in the region to empower businesses to take control of their corporate expense management using simple, automated solutions that streamline business operations and improve employee productivity.”


A world-class unified expense management platform designed to help SMEs manage and streamline their expenses through a fully automated process. We provide instant issuance to multiple pre-paid corporate cards for employees at all levels as well as a smart spending solution for expense reports, invoice filing, and reporting. Our solution eliminates the need to process expense claims and frees accounting teams from time-consuming tasks like reconciliations. For more information, please visit our website at: https://www.NQOODLET.com/

About SimpliFi:

SimpliFi is on a mission to democratize payments by building the leading Cards as a Service (CaaS) platform for MENA and Pakistan. We empower businesses to unlock the power of financial ownership by enabling them to issue payment cards instantly to streamline business operations, drive new revenue streams and increase loyalty. Whether it’s a burgeoning startup in one market or an enterprise with a regional presence, we enable companies to issue and manage their card programs with ease and confidence. For more information, please visit our website at https://simplifipay.com/

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NQOODLET and SimpliFi Join forces to transform SME spend management across MENA