Nqoodlet | نقودلت

Prepaid expenses card

For companies and their employees ..   In Riyals or Dollars

Multiple Cards

Issue several cards, for many employees, and in multi-currencies

Hack budget-tracking

Set spending limits according to your budget for each cost center

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Securely designed

All payments and top-ups run through a secure system.

Instant tracking

Get notified with each payment and check the status of transactions in real-time


Display both authorized and settled, showing the actual amounts and the option to export it all

"We no longer need to purchase with our personal cards, then raise bills and request compensation from the treasury"


100% Digital

Paperless management of company expenses

Transactions categorization

Let no transaction go uncategorized

Save on FX fees

USD card for merchants selling in USD

Use it for

Online Subscriptions

Pay for online advertising and recurring subscriptions

Office Supplies

Buy what you need for a better working space

Business Trips

Travel for opportunities with no payment worries

Business Lunch

Company events and team activities are made easy to budget and pay for.