Nqoodlet | نقودلت


Dear Entrepreneur and CFO, Welcome to a new era of managing your business’ expenses and purchases.

We are aware of the extent of the suffering in issuing the purchases and expenses card for the company and with the fast development in which we live today, most of our purchases are through the cyber world, from the simplest things such as email subscription, advertisements on social media channels, tools, access to servers, and even the purchase of products from another country.

What is NQOODLET ?

NQOODLET is your best solution in managing expenses and purchases for you and your team.


We are aware of these problems because we have experienced them and live with them. We know what we really need to address and solve these problems.

What is Next ?

We are working with passion to launch the platform and make it available to everyone during the coming period. If you are one of those interested in early use, you can register by booking an appointment with the our team.

Welcome to NQOODLET